What is “Dacha” for Russians?


Have you heard “Dacha“?

If not, this is the right place for you.

In summer, many people from Russian-speaking countries and other post-Soviet countries go to Dacha for relaxing with their families or friends.

In this article, I will talk about meaning of Dacha,history and currrent situation of Dacha.

What does the word “Dacha” mean?

The concept of “cottage” came from the words “give (a thing)”- Дать (russian word Dat) or “give ( a present)” – Подарить (russian word Podarit).

Dacha is a country house where you can relax in the summer, engage in gardening, grow various vegetables or to do your own hobbies.

Dacha is the place to relax. Dacha is not for permanantly live.

Usually these are quiet places with rich nature, so you can have picnics with your family or friends.


Historical Background

The formula “May holidays = cottage + barbecue” causes a joyful rumbling of all Russian bellies. The Soviet people started the tradition of celebrating May Day in the country immediately with the receipt of the cherished suburban land plots.

How did the cottage come about?

The first cottages appeared in Russia at the beginning of the XVIII century, in the era of Peter I. Initially, these were estates that the king bestowed on his close associates for his services to the state. The decree of Nicholas I said that private land should be allocated to persons of military rank.


In the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, every famous writer or member of the creative community had a Dacha closer to major cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, where they rested from the bustle of the city, and took their inspiration from there.


At the end of the nineteenth century, it was possible to rent a Dacha in the Moscow region in the range of 50-80 rubles for the entire summer period. At the same time, the rental of urban housing was at least 50 rubles per month.


Stalin owned as many as eighteen Dacha in Moscow, in Caucasus, in the Crimea,  in Sochi and the homeland of Stalin in Georgia. They say that Joseph Vissarionovich never visited some of his possessions.

Current situation of Dacha

Nowadays, many people who live in small apartments or houses have Dacha in suburb area.

Additionally, even people from suburb area have  Dacha in the countryside.

Russian teens often go to  Dacha to have a party there with friends and  alcohol (strong vodka) because there are not many places to relax with friends somewhere in the home atmosphere, so Dacha always helps out. (Russian people often invite guests to their home, they are very close to their family, even distant relatives, and friends).

However, Dacha is not always good for teens.

As a Post-Soviet country teenager, when parents say “We are going to the Dacha”, this means that you will be completely alone, just for the whole day and you can do anything what you want and relax.

The most terrible thing is that the parents can force the child to go to the Dacha with them, which means that it will not be possible to avoid dirty works in the garden.


How many summer residents ( Dachnik ) in Russia?

In general, the percentage of citizens with a summer cottage varies from 60 to 86%.

Although, there is a culture of summer cottage leisure both in Europe and in America, nowhere in the world is there such a large-scale cult of a summer residence as the Russians.

However, most citizens prefer to use a summer country house for a simple holiday.

The number of vacationers in the country is increasing annually, and the number of gardeners is dynamically decreasing.



I think it is a great culture to enjoy the nature and chill in the countryside.

Nowadays, many people live in the city and live in stressful lives.

I also live in a big city so I wish I had a “Dacha” to chill and grow veggies and fruits.

Thank you for reading .

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