Best party city in the UK? Newcastle upon Tyne


 Hello everyone!

Do you know where is Newcastle upon Tyne?

I guess some people don’t know about the city especially if you are not from Europe.

But, if you are a big fan of soccer you might have heard “Newcastle“.

However, I guess many people don’t even know where is Newcastle upon Tyne at.

So, this time, I would like you to know more about Newcastle upon Tyne.

 Where is Newcastle upon Tyne?

Newcastle upon Tyne is a city in Tyne and Wear, North East England.

Newcastle upon Tyne is the most popular city in the North East.

In olden times, the city had abundant coal.

Therefore, the city developed dramatically in the Industrial Revolution.

Currently, Newcastle upon Tyne is knows as a industrial city in the North East.

In 2019, Newcastle upon Tyne have a population about 300,000 people.

Newcastle upon Tyne was originally known by its Roman name Pons Aelius but after conquest of England by the Norman, the name had changed to Newcastle due to its prime location of the River Tyne.

In 1882, Newcastle is officially granted city status.

In Newcastle upon Tyne, there are several famous bridges over the Tyne River.

 My favourite 3 bridges

I’m gonna introduce my favourite 3 bridges in Newcastle upon Tyne to you.


The first bridge is the Tyne Brige.

The Tyne Bridge is a big green bridge which is finished constructing in 1928.

At the time, it was the longest arch shaped bridge in the world.

Currently, the Tyne Bridge is a symbol of its city.


The second bridge is the High Level Bridgewhich is the oldest bridge in Newcastle upon Tyne.

On the High Level Bridge, there is a railway and you can look down the city from train.

Since it’s the oldest bridge,the bridge looks rather sturdy in real.

The High Level Bridge was designed by Robert Stephenson and its finished constructing in 1850.

Open Ceremony was inaugurated by Queen Victoria.


The Third Bridge is my most favourite bridge which is the Gateshead Millennium Bridge.

This bridge is completed in 2000.

So, it’s relatively new compare to the other bridges.

There is another Millennium Bridge in London but personally I think this bridge looks much sleeker and cooler.

This bridge connects Newcastle and Gateshead and it’s good for accesing to Baltic Centre for Contemporary art.

The bridge is specifically for pedestrians and cyclists.

This bridge can lift up when boat comes and it looks really cool.

It lifts up only sometimes.

Moreover, it lights up at night and looks stunning.

I think it’s a perfect place for a date to walk along the river at night.

This picture is taken by me when I was studying in Newcastle upon Tyne.


Sorry for saying over again.

But, it’s beautiful.


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Let’s talk about Geordie which is a dialect of the Tyneside area of North East England.

In addition to that, Geordie is used to refer to anyone from North East England.

In the UK, there are many dialects in the country.

British English is just a standard language.

If you go to the UK, people speak with strong dialects such as Cockny, Welsh accent and Scottish Accent.

I’m convinced the UK has about 100 accents for each square

However, Geordie accent is especially a nightmare.

In Japan, we study American Enlish in school.

So, at first, I couldn’t understand what they are saying at all.

I knew about thier accent before I go to Newcastle upon Tyne but when I tried to talk with locals.

I thought she was speaking another language.

I learnt about the dialect a little bit in Northumbria University.

In olden times, there were many vikings near Newcastle upon Tyne.

Therefore, many words of Geordie are from Vikings.

So, even if you are an English speaker it might be hard to understand.

I heard one interesting story.

When my british friend who is from near London was in primary school.

One family who are Geordies moved to near his house and came to say hi to his house but my friend couldn’t understand fully.

That’s because, they were speaking English with really strong accent.

So, even in the UK, they got many different dialects.

 Geordie quiz

There are many Geordie words but I cannot introduce you all so I’m gonna introduce a few words with a quiz.

So, please guess the meaning.



The first word is Alreet”.

I guess you got it if your first language is English.

It’s easy to guess.









Answer is


Was it too easy for you?

Okie, next one is a bit more tricky.



Second word is Pet”.

It’s not what you imaging.

It’s kind of difficult.












Answer is


I was like “No way! HOW!”.lol

I don’ t know why how girls can be pets. lol


The last word is ‟Toon”.

It’s probably the easiest one isn’t it?

Never give up!
















Answer is


It’s close.

I could guess it.


In Geordie dialect, there is tendency that the ending of a word can be changed from wnto ”on“.

For instance, its from “DOWN” to “DOON“.

If you want to know more about Geordie.

You can watch the video down below.

After watching this video, I reckon you will be more Geordie.


 Best party city

Recently, as a party place, many people visit Newcastle upon Tyne not only from all over the UK but also Europe.

Especially at night, the city is lively with young people.

Since Newcastle upon Tyne is a big party city I was kind of regret when I got Newcastle upon Tyne  for the first time.

But, after about a half year, one this is certain that not only Newcastle upon Tyne is a great city for night life but also studying as an exchange student.

There are many students in the city.

Newcastle upon Tyne is one of the most popular student cities, so you will not be alone.

There is a big students community.

There are many good pubs or other places to drink in Newcastle, but I will write only about the ones I’ve visited personally and I enjoyed it.

 The Hancock

When I was in Newcastle upon Tyne, I went to “The Hancock” which is a relaxing pub almost every week.

“The Hancock” is placed near Northumbria university and the pub was lively everytime we went and the staff were really kind compare to other staff in the city.

However, don’t forget to bring ID wiht you, if you wanna go to have fun at pubs or clubs in Newcastle upon Tyne.

This pub got a big telly, pool tables and gaming machines and drinks were relatively cheap.

I was always playing  billiards with flatmates.

I would love to go back to the pub again.


I wrote many things about Newcastle upon Tyne but I cannot write all things about Newcastle upon Tyne here.

So, seeing is better than hearing.

I hope you will have an opportunity to visit the beautiful city in the future.

Thank you for reading.