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Hello everyone!
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This time, I’m gonna talk about Ukraine.
Personally,Ukraine is not just a foreign country.
It is more than that.
Ukraine is something special for me.
That’s because, I have a ukrainian girlfriend.
I’ll write about our relationship in near future.
Anyway, let’s talk about Ukraine.
For people who don’t know where Ukraine is.
Then, it is advisable to study the map of the world, especially European
part, and pay attention to Eastern Europe, and that’s where Ukraine, the largest country in Europe, is located.


I know Ukraine is not the most famous country, but it’s good, you got an opportunity to learn something new and interesting.
Previously, Ukraine was in the USSR (Abbreviation for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the official name of the former Soviet Union)therefore the Soviet spirit was preserved in it, because if you think the Union collapsed not too long ago, this country has only just begun its new life, especially with  the new president of this year (2019).
But I am not talking about politics.
I advise you to visit Ukraine, because now it is changing, do not miss the chance to see everything as it is now until it is like the rest of the world, and compare BEFORE / AFTER (interesting, even I, as a resident, wondering how everything can change)
Ukrainians are very friendly especially to foreigners, they will show you the way without any problems, and sometimes they will even lead you to the place you are looking for.
But, there is a minus in the fact that not everyone speaks English, so I advise you to approach young people, now in school in Ukraine, English education is big thing.
So, it’s likely that young people are fluent in English.
If you have not such an opportunity (in Ukraine there are a lot of grandmothers a.k.a Babushka lol), do not worry about it, there are always people who will try to explain you in any way  how and where and what you should do.
You can easily start a conversation with strangers, some will even try to treat you with alcohol or food, especially this applies to small cities there people are very friendly to foreigners.
I advise you to visit the provincial towns, maybe you will not find there amazingly beautiful buildings, delightful sights but you will find something more there, not tourist places, but life is what it is, the spirit of the 90s, which manifests itself both in the style of clothing and in architecture.
Nowhere else in the world  you can see what they have in  the countries of the post-Soviet countries.
Thank you for reading.
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